Out/in/Front 2012

Landscape architects are keenly aware of the restorative qualities, whether behavioral, ecological, or societal, that are inherent in the design and functioning of our built environments.

We see the outcomes of human actions on the earth’s ability to respond to significant natural events, and raise awareness about the ecological benefits in protecting natural systems that mitigate the impact of these events.

Landscape architects are ideally positioned to lead the charge and restore ecological function to our built environments, while at the same time creating inspirational places that link us to our past and our future; reinforcing community connections through civic engagement; providing opportunities for active and passive play; and educating us about our surroundings.

We are constantly developing new methodologies for incorporating these principles into every aspect of planning and design through a wide range of project types including: parks, civic campuses, memorials, housing developments, urban infrastructure, primary schools, site restoration, public art installations, and small scale interventions.

The projects highlighted in this exhibit illustrate the significant contribution landscape architects have made to improve our built environment and move us toward a more sustainable future.

The second annual exhibition and fundraiser event launched on October 8th 2012 in Gould Court. Our exhibition featured 37 projects from 27 firms/non-profits. Over a hundred design professionals, students, faculty, and alumni gathered to view the inspiring breadth of work on display.