GGN | Gates Foundation Campus

BMGF.inddTitle: Integrated Water Conservation: for the next 100 years

Project: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Campus, Seattle, WA

Firm: Gustafson Guthrie Nichol

Summary: With green roofs, a million-gallon cistern, and rainwater-fed pools, the campus is designed to be a rainwater “sponge,” thereby minimizing the amount of water that leaves the site in wastewater pipes. All roofs and ground surfaces either absorb rainwater or capture it for re-use in the campus. The rainwater harvesting system is modeled to conserve up to two million gallons of rainwater annually. This will provide great operational savings for the foundation, over the life of the project.

The campus is designed to provide a supportive outdoor work environment that is grounded in the character of Seattle’s natural landscape. The materials and functions of the landscape are informed by the site’s distinct natural history, as a dark-watered bog within a wet meadow that absorbed and filtered rainwater. The layout responds to the urban street grid of the surrounding neighborhood.