GGLO | UW/Childrens Workforce Housing

Out_in_Front UW Board

Title: CURVe

Project: UW/Children’s Workforce Housing, Seattle, WA

Firm: GGLO

Summary: The University District has a rich and robust history, ‘a city within a city’. This site is at the heart of what the 1998 neighborhood plan termed the “University Gardens Mixed-Use Core”, envisioned by the plan as an exciting mélange of business and living spaces, including a strong multi-family neighborhood intensely pedestrian-oriented with a mix of amenities and activities, juxtaposed with new knowledge-based business centers branching off from university research. Our concept design reflects that vision with a commitment to the University District community and its transformative future.

Our team’s gateway project, conceptually named CURVe, both as an acronym for “Children’s/UW Residence Vision” and in reference of the site along curvaceous 11th Avenue, is designed as the backbone of a new residential neighborhood, reflective of a diverse community and the goals and culture of Children’s Hospital and the University of Washington.

At the core of our goals for CURVe is to be a great neighborhood and contribute to the diversity of culture and energy of the community through the integrated design of the project’s four streetscapes, through-block mews, incorporated art elements, iconic architecture, urban ecology, and the energy of its public spaces.