GGLO + SVR | Yesler Terrace

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Title: An Outdoor Stage for Daily Life

Project: Yesler Terrace Development, Seattle, WA

Firm: GGLO & SVR

Summary: The Seattle Housing Authority has embarked on an ambitious and exciting mission to create a new mixed-income, mixed-use urban neighborhood at Yesler Terrace that is tailored to meet the needs, aspirations and lifestyles of Seattleites in the 21st Century. The development provides a unique opportunity to simultaneously promote social, economic, and environmental resilience through design. With the site’s many existing positive attributes the Master Plan lays out a vision for streets, walkways, open spaces, and buildings that constitutes a new urban, residential neighborhood.

The Urban Design Concept applies the vision of a diverse, mixed-use urban neighborhood with a residential character to an organizational scheme that orients the large site around a “Neighborhood Core”, at the intersection of Yesler Way and Broadway.

The result will be a model sustainable neighborhood that balances four key areas of sustainability: environmental sustainability in the natural and built environments, and social and economic sustainability.